Hours of make up and lighting and photoshopping are used to create an image these days. Girls shouldn’t be looking at these images as something to strive for. It’s not reality.

A man who lived forever, but whose eyes were heavy with the weight of all he had seen

Two swords.

Nina Dobrev at Soho Desert House With Bacardi (April 13) 

doctor who + cinematography


I really loved this psd ♥. It is not too extreme, and I think that it is good in most images. I ask you not redistribute, or say that it was you who did it. And do not redistribute my gradients. If you take, please give like or reblog this post. The notes will inspire me to make new psds, and post more and more. Download the psd here, hope you like! Psd by l-agallerrie


red wedding // purple wedding

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